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The Adventures of Puddlebutt & Princess Adonia
Meet Pepsi. Short, black, smelly and extremely bad tempered and we love her to bits. She’s eleven and three quarter years old which in human years is about sixty. You wouldn’t think it though. She runs and jumps and climbs with the best of them, albeit in slow motion at times. She’s a Patterdale cross (with the emphasis on cross) and built like a little tank. She’s as wide as she is tall.
What she lacks in stature, she makes up for in personality. She has it in abundance. She’s notoriously well known in these parts due to her complete intolerance of other dogs (I’m sure other dog owners change direction at the mere sight of her). But, as I said, we wouldn’t be without her.
Sky, on the other hand, may beg to differ. Sky, an incredibly beautiful Border Collie, is our other dog. She’s only a youngster by comparison (three years old) but my word, she’s had an eventful first innings.
Diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia inside her first year and Meningitis not long after, to the untrained eye, she looks a picture of good health. And whilst she may never be a true Olympian of the canine world, she’s an inspiration to anyone receiving a thumbs down verdict on their dog’s x-rays.
But what about the two dogs together? Well, we can’t pass them off as sisters in a genealogical way, but to all intents and purposes, they’re inseparable. Sky, thanks to Pepsi’s hand-me-down bad temper, is no angel. Rather a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde dog. All ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ one minute and savage Hound of the Baskerville’s the next.
All in all, we don’t have many dull moments in our house and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
That’s your short and sweet introduction to the Gruesome Twosome. The most notorious pairing since Bonnie and Clyde, The Kray twins or even Jedward. There’s always something happening with these two so I’m going to try keeping a regular Blog of their antics. Please check back again soon and we’ll have a light hearted look at what they’ve been up to and reflect a little more on their eventful past.
Bye for now.
Part 2
We’ll start this week with an explanation of the name change in the title. We’ve just registered Sky with The Kennel Club so that she can start taking part in Agility competitions and of the two preferred names we submitted, she was given the name Princess Adonia (a female version of Adonis). Pepsi, on the other hand, has more nicknames than brain cells and I’ll tell you both of them! Only joking, she’s got hundreds (nicknames, not brain cells). Chugaboom, Foot pump, Four by Two, Swamp Duck, the list goes on. The only time she gets called Pepsi is when she’s being naughty. Rest assured she won’t forget her name in a hurry.
Meanwhile this week, we’ve submitted the registration forms for Sky’s first Agility competition which will be at ‘Dog Vegas’ in March. Needless to say, Sky is following a strict diet, fitness and training routine…minus the diet…and the fitness! Come to think of it, she needs to get in shape pretty soon although we can’t overdo it with her because of her disability. Whatever the outcome of her debut competition, Sky will love every minute of it.
No doubt too, she’ll be well supported by her sister Pepsi who it’s fair to say, isn’t exactly the athletic type of dog. She’s more of an observer. Bit of a pooch potato. Her idea of exercise is chasing our cat, Jasmine. Thankfully for Jazzy, or maybe Pepsi, she never catches her. She’s no Sky in the speed stakes. Whereas Sky can go from nought to thirty in a matter of seconds, Pepsi is more of a nought to nought point five in under an hour kind of a girl. She’s built more for comfort than for speed.
Anyway, enough for now, I’ll give you an update on how Sky’s training is progressing before her bow in the Agility stakes next time. Meanwhile, it’s Sunday night and Dancing on Ice is on TV. It’s just like watching Skyby trying to run on our wooden  flooring!
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