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Hi Helen, thanks very much for giving Ellie a well needed makeover..we can see from the pictures that she looks GORGEOUS...see you soon!!!
Lee & Ruth Hayes on 09th January 2011
We are so grateful to have found Helen after Ellie had a bad experience whilst having his hair cut at another dog grooming establishment. A true first class service from start to finish !
 Dave & Tracey Clarkson on 23rd February 2011
A brilliant service! Helen gave a First Class trim to our border collie Roy-Boy prior to his hip operation. She also managed to calm this nervous little chap in the process. A massive big thank you from Carolyn and Martin and of course Roy himself!
Carolyn & Martin Jordin on 5th March 2011
Hi Helen, both benji and spencer look fantastic thank you very much for spending time to gain their trust I have never seen either dog so comfortable with a stranger. Thank you again and see you soon.
Jayne, Benji & Spencer on 08th April 2011
Hiya Helen, thanks for taking the time to gain jazmin's trust, she's looks sooooo cute with her new hair cut. i was soooo pleased the fact that you took the time with jazmin making sure you didn't stress her out , you was so caring towards jazmin any 1 would have thought she was your own dog ! which was very comforting for me . Thanks again
Helen see you in a few weeks, Nicola & Jazmin x
Nicola & Jazmin May 17th 2011
Hiya Helen, Just wanted to say a massive thanks for sorting out the terrible two-some after the last groomer made a mess - especially on poor Fudgies face! It has been a fair few weeks since you cut the fur and the pooches are still looking FAB!! Thanks for all taking the time to make Coco & Fudge look fantastic and making sure that they were comfortable with the grooming process! I'm sure they will be looking forward to their next pampering session - so going to have to invest in the strawberry coat conditioner!What a great finishing touch!!! Thanks again and see you in a few weeks, Terri, Coco & Fudge xxx
Terri, Coco & Fudge 25th June 2011
Thank you Helen for making Tess look so beautiful she was cute before but now you have started grooming her shes cuter than ever . You have so much patience with her and you know Tess loves you cos she cant stop kissing you. So glad we have found you see you in September Christine and Tess.
Christine & Tess 14th August 2011
Hi Helen. Thanks for your kind and gentle manner when sorting out a very needy case with Simba. He can be quite a hand full but you kept him calm and did a splendid job. He looks a million times better after you finished washing and grooming him. He has now made another friend and we will continue to have you back to keep him at his best. Once again a big thank you from Steve and Simba.
 Steve & Simba 15th August 2011
Hi Helen, Thank you for Minnie and Taz's new hair cut they both look so cute!! Simon is really pleased with them both and it's sooo nice to see their eyes again even though they are pests when you try and cut their fringes! They are getting better though each time you do it. We will see you soon for hair and nails. Mel , Minnie and Taz.
Mel, Minnie & Taz 17th August 2011
Thank you Helen for making my first grooming experience so stress free and lovely! My sisters are really jealous about my very neat feet and fresh smell. My mum is very impressed and will be back. Xx
 Kerry & Lola 14th October 2011
Hi Helen and a big thanks for my wash, dry and grooming today. Thanks you for being patient with me as I am getting on a bit now, I am over 12 years old, and cant stand up for too long. You sorted out all my shaggy long fur and tidied up my paws, tails and ears. I loved the shampoo and rub, better than when my mum does it. I smell of bananas now and my mummys other dogs keep sniffing me. My mummy says a big thank you too as she was worried that I wouldn't like you brushing my hind legs as I still get sore on my knees after having surgery a while ago and my metal knee sometimes aches a bit. My mummy is cuddled up to me now and its bliss, so big sloppy kisses from me, and my sister wants to get booked in soon too. xxxx
 Kate & Gabriel (gabby boo) 16th October 2011
Hi Helen, Thank you so much for taking the time to groom Buster .Although he was a little nervous, you seem to win his confidence very quickly and everyone has commented on how good he looks. I think he knows it too!
Linda & Malcolm 14th November 2011
Hi Helen, Me and Martin want to say a big thank you for making my Sparky look so cute and smell beautiful. You did a fantastic job and the way you handled him with care and patience means such a lot as I know my Sparky can be a hand full. We can't wait to visit you again. Claire, Martin & Sparky. xxx
 Claire, Martin & Sparky 20th February 2012
Hi Helen thanks for making Harry so good .You did a fantastic job the way you handled harry considering he does not like is backend grooming.
Derek & Harry  19th February 2013
Just wanted to says big thank you to Helen for being so patient with Bailey, who hates being cut, you took your time and calmed him down. You listened to how I wanted him cut and did a great job, I will be highly recommending you to all my doggie friends, look forward to next time, thanks again. 
Katie & Bailey 8th May 2013

A big Thank You to Helen who's patience and kindness worked wonders when she recently bathed & groomed Reuben. It took half a tin of treats and he sure loved the dryer and he has been a happy boy since Helen worked her magic and removed his lugs.He loved her gentleness and all her posh products used and he smelt gorgeous We will see you again soon. Thanks Aunty Helen we got there in the end. Your Pal Reuben XXX
Lindsey & Reuben Marshall 26th January 2014

I highly recommend Helen to anyone wanting a first class dog grooming service! Oscar is always SO excited to see Helen when she arrives and looks lovely after his trim. Oscar can be quite impatient while being groomed but Helen is always very caring,gentle and patient with him. Thank you Helen for continuing to provide a fantastic service and giving me great advice :) We're looking forward to seeing you again soon! Steph and Oscar x -January 2014

Helen has been grooming both my dogs (Hebe & Logan) for the past couple of years. Hebe has had such a bad experience at a previous groomers she is often naughty when being groomed and Helen is so patient with her she deserves a medal. Hebe has just had some surgery and Helen groomed her whilst she is recovering and she did a fab job and was so patient and careful with her. Hebe still gave Helen a face lick despite not being happy about being groomed. I highly recommend Helen, she gives a fab service and my dogs always look beautiful when they leave the salon. Thank you Helen for being fab :)
Ange, Hebe & Logan December 2014

Just to say a big Thank You for your wonderful care of my Border Collie Daisy. She looks and smells great as well as being not stressed following the experience. Thank You Will be visiting again for this personal service. Maria & Daisy 26th Feburary 2015. 

Testimonial "Having recently moved to the area, I am so very pleased to have found Helen. My West Highland Terrier, Pebbles, is always so very nervous when having her hair cut and Helen is first class with regards to calming Pebbles down and also reducing my stress levels too! Helen always cuts Pebbles as I ask for. Thanks again Helen - you’re a star chickie. Alison 7th December, 2015”

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